There are several types of traumatic tooth injures, including:

  • Dislodged teeth – Your teeth can become dislodged or pushed partially out of the socket through injuries. Our endodontists can reposition and stabilize your tooth. If the pulp of the tooth remains healthy, no further treatment will be necessary. However, if the pulp becomes damaged or infected, our endodontists will provide you with a root canal treatment to heal and restore your tooth.
  • Avulsed teeth – If an injury knocks your tooth completely out of your mouth, seek immediate treatment! Make sure to keep your tooth moist. Teeth that have been knocked out of place can be saved if they remain moist. If possible, put it back into the socket. You can also put your tooth in milk or into a glass of water with a pinch of salt. Your treatment will be influenced by the way you stored your tooth and the length of time it was out of your mouth. Depending on your root development, our endodontists may recommend a root canal treatment as well.

It is also fairly common for tooth injuries to occur in children. An injured, immature tooth may need a specific procedure to improve the chances of saving the tooth. These procedures include:

  • Apexogenesis – Apexogenesis encourages the roots of the teeth to continue developing as the pulp heals. During this procedure, soft tissue is covered with medication to encourage growth. The tip of the root (or apex) continues to close as your child gets older, and the walls of the root canal thicken. If the pulp heals, no further treatment will be necessary.
  • Apexification – When our endodontists perform this procedure, they remove unhealthy pulp from your child’s tooth, and place medication into the root to help a hard tissue form near the apex. This hardened tissue acts as a barrier for the root canal filling. Due to this, the root canal walls will not continue to develop, making your child’s tooth susceptible to fractures. You may need to schedule an appointment with your dentist for a restorative procedure, such as a crown.